Alfie Joey is a cartoonist, children’s illustrator, BBC radio presenter, an event host, a comedian, an actor & keynote speaker! His diverse background (ex-trainee priest and Harrods toy demonstrator) is as broad as his artistic range. His story is told here in his Ted Talk


Alfie specialises in drawing caricatures, illustrations for children’s books, and his well-known silhouette series, Northern Skies. He has designed cartoon magazine covers and, for a charity project, illustrated an Elmer elephant covered with cartoons of local TV personalities. The son of a coal miner, hailing from County Durham, Alfie has painted many images of North East coal mines and miners.


#AlfArt is also available at The North East Art Collective

Alfie Joey’s story can be seen here in his Ted Talk

Alf’s work is also available at The North East Art Collective